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Make: Electronic Skill Badge 

Make] Projects 

Make: Electronic Skill Badge 

Written By: Marc de Vinck 



Rosin-core solder (1) 

Learn-to- Solder Skill Badge Kit (1) 

Soldering iron (1) 

Wire cutters (1) 

aka side cutters 


At Maker Faire, we teach folks to solder for $1 in the Maker Shed store. What do you get for 
$1 ? Not much these days! Well, that's just not the case here. For just $1 , you get expert 
advice on how to solder and a really cool electronic skill badge! 

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Make: Electronic Skill Badge 

Step 1 — Make: Electronic Skill Badge 

• Check your kit's contents. You 
should have: 

• Printed circuit board 

• Rainbow LED 

• Battery holder 

• 3VCR1 220 battery 

• Tie-tack pin 

• Tie-tack clutch 

Step 2 

• Start by adding a "blob" of solder to the battery pad on the back. Just a little will help the 
battery stay snug in the holder. 

• Next, place the battery holder in the printed circuit board (PCB). It goes on the back of the 
PCB, and is oriented according to the silk screen on the board. 

• Now you can solder the battery holder from the front of the pin. Flip it over, and place it on 
a flat surface. 

• Now heat up the pins of the battery holder with your soldering iron and solder it in place. 

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Make: Electronic Skill Badge 

Step 3 

• Next solder in the tie-tack pin. 

• Place the pin though the hole in the front of the PCB. It will not fall through the hole; just let 
it go! 

• Now apply heat to the pin from the back, and solder it into place. 

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Make: Electronic Skill Badge 

Step 4 







B&'mH fl| 


~l( ° ) 

is "^ 

r * 

• Now add the light-emitting diode (LED). 

• First, note which wire lead is longer on the LED. This wire is the anode, or positive (+), 
lead and will eventually be inserted into the hole marked (+) on the PCB. 

• The shorter lead on the LED is the cathode, or (-), lead. This is placed in the (-) hole on 
the PCB. 

• Now that you have identified the (+) and (-) leads, hold the LED so it is oriented correctly 
on the board and bend the leads 90° down towards the board. 

• Now you can insert the LED into the PCB. It should sit flat against it. 

• Flip the board over, and spread the leads apart. This will keep the LED in place 

• Solder the LED in place. 

Step 5 

• Finish it up! 

• Now all you have to do is insert the battery. 

• Make sure the (+) side of the battery is facing up. 

• Now you can pin it to your bag, hat, or whatever and show off your soldering skills! 

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Make: Electronic Skill Badge 

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